Integrated Foods

Integrated Foods Group is a well-established vertically integrated agribusiness with large scale farming bases in the East Coast of New Zealand, and Lamb processing facilities in Napier, New Zealand.

The Integrated Foods model differs significantly from the industry standard. Our operations have an integrated supply chain and efficient farming practices, allowing us to deliver sustainability and consistency in an industry which grapples with seasonality concerns and inconsistency of supply.

‚ÄčIntegrated Foods Group utilises the unique manufacturing capability of the processing facilities and its integrated supply chain to deliver high end quality Lamb products consitently year round.

The primary intent at Integrated Foods Processing is for the end consumer to enjoy eating our Lamb and know that our products taste great, year round.



To lead by example, building trust by being authentic and taking responsibility for our actions

To treat our people, our livestock, the environment with respect and care

Be inquisitive by continuously looking for opportunities to improve and gain more knowledge

Invest in what should be, not what is, by challenging the status quo. Celebrate success and take pride in everything we do